Anthi & M - 6:00 am in Greece

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05:00 AM - Story, wedding seating chart, music videos, photos, 1st meal
10:00 AM - Story, music videos, photos, 2nd meal
05:00 PM - Story, wedding ceremony, music videos, photos, 3rd meal
10:00 PM - Story, music videos, photos, 4th meal
05:00 AM - Story, music videos, photos, 5th meal
06:00 AM - Story, Anthi & M leave for their honeymoon

Some of you may have wondered about the lack of spirits or mention of. Souls were everywhere as you all witnessed, as were numerous bottles of tsipouro and red wine. …

Anthi, Athena, Cryssarina, Eléni, Jenny, M and Patrick

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The following is a mostly chronological list of all pieces regarding the main characters of my stories relating directly or indirectly to Greece, namely those about Anthi (Kanéna), Cryssarina, Eléni, Goddess Athena, Jenny, M, and Patrick. These pieces include alexandrines, haikus, prose, series, short stories, songs, sonnets, and tankas. Please note that some of these pieces are on the sensual side.

1-10-2021 to 8-12-2021

Some are even prophetic

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Pourquoi certaines œuvres ne seraient-elles pas plus précieuses que certains êtres humains ? (Why would some works not be more valuable than some human beings?) Yann Moix, from Une Simple lettre d’amour (A Simple Love Letter)

Are there must-read books? Yes! Any book (all books) by Friedrich Nietzsche, Philip Roth, Milan Kundera, Michel Onfray, and Yann Moix, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Freud’s The Future of an Illusion, Ken Grimwood’s Replay, and, of course, The Norton Anthology of English Literature (all three volumes). There are, surely, countless others…

When I look at her heart

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Anthi walks on water when I look at her heart
It seems some apparitions never stop their flight
She also floats above ground when I meet her eyes
It may depend upon the sense-involving part
Or perhaps the poem I was about to write
When I contemplated both her sea and her skies
Anthi is always naked in my mind to start
Any thoughtful pilgrimage to her sacred site
Where I can slowly follow both the lows and highs
Lolling in her glee and interpreting her art
Doing my best to remain between blue and white
As I set to appreciate her gift my prize
O Anthi Kanéna the love of my life
I still cannot believe you have become my wife

Πατρίκιος Μ. Οχάνα (Patrick M. Ohana)

Dedicated to my Anthi and Anthi Psomiadou.

I only read and fitfully write them

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Apart from books in foreign languages that were not translated to English or French, I do not review books anymore. A book is supposed to be read alone or to someone else. It is an experience involving the writer and the reader, and the listener. Some say that it is a sacrosanct relationship. Two worlds that meet and collide in text via light, with an image from time to time to illustrate a moment of truth or a lie.

When I read a good review of a book, I cannot read that book anymore, especially if I like the little…

The man who quit porn

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In the first part of the Pornman story, Pornman: The Man Who Lived in Porn (a link is also at the bottom), Pornman begins his quest to become a pornstar, finding out that he possesses a strange superpower.

In the second part of the Pornman story, Pornman Two: The Man Who Continued to Live in Porn (a link is also at the bottom), Pornman falls in love with a porn movie director and wants to get married, though he has a mission to plan and execute.

In the third part of the Pornman story, Pornman Three: The Man Who Saved…

Patrick M. Ohana

Medical writer who prefers to read and write fiction and some nonfiction, though the latter may appear at times as the former.

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