Anthi & M - 5:00 pm in Greece

Photo (CC0) from Max Pixel

Please note that Goddess Athena’s olive garden is somewhere in the photo above!

Anthi & M - 6:00 am in Greece

Photo by Stanley Zimny (CC BY-NC 2.0) on Flickr

05:00 AM - Story, wedding seating chart, music videos, photos, 1st meal
10:00 AM - Story, music videos, photos, 2nd meal
05:00 PM - Story, wedding ceremony, music videos, photos, 3rd meal
10:00 PM - Story, music videos, photos, 4th meal
05:00 AM - Story, music videos, photos, 5th meal
06:00 AM - Story, Anthi…

Anthi, Athena, Cryssarina, Eléni, Jenny, M and Patrick

Image by Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

The following is a mostly chronological list of all pieces regarding the main characters of my stories relating directly or indirectly to Greece, namely those about Anthi (Kanéna), Cryssarina, Eléni, Goddess Athena, Jenny, M, and Patrick. These pieces include alexandrines, haikus, prose, series, short stories, songs, sonnets, and tankas. …

Photo by Alexa T. on Unsplash
Photo by Alexa T. on Unsplash

And I am its blue colour

Is this a trick question

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Two questions may constitute a great start to most conversations, though one seems to be optimal.

Why does M write? I mean me, of course, though sometimes I am not sure who I am. Only Anthi brings me back to reality. I have changed, for the better, so she thinks…

Patrick M. Ohana

Medical writer preferring to write fiction and some nonfiction, though the latter may appear at times like the former.

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